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Alexander observed that the relationship between the head, neck, and  torso is primary in controlling movement and function. Compressive  movement habits interfere with the body's ingenious design. Having  mastery over this primary control restores the innate postural reflex - a  natural, dynamic force that counters gravity and easily guides the torso  upward. Learning to use your body more effectively can alleviate a  variety of posture and movement related problems, while continuing to  move your body incorrectly can be at the root of chronic muscle pain,  under-performance and respiratory difficulties.
The misuse of the body is a learned process that starts at an early age.  The body moves into a state of misalignment as it tries to adapt to such  stresses as being handled improperly in infancy and early childhood.  Stress, emotional and physical trauma, and being forced to sit in  uncomfortable chairs in school often create powerful startle patterns.  Through conditioning, distorted movement patterns become habitual  and automatic. As adults, we continue these compensations for the  misalignment that developed in the early years of life. This throws the  entire body out of alignment. Through the unrelenting misuse of our  bodies, we cause ourselves to suffer from chronic physical problems,  stress, and tension.

Consequences of misuse

The continual misuse of your body creates and maintains a variety of physical problems that can become chronic and interfere with accomplishing the tasks of everyday life. Moving inefficiently and incorrectly strains the muscles and is an energy drain. Some recurring physical problems associated with incorrect posture and movement patterns can include: Chronic back pain Chronic neck and shoulder pain. Constant low energy and exhaustion  Loss of voice while speaking or singing Poor vocal projection  Restricted breathing patterns Unexplained limitations in performing a task or sport. The misuse of the body can contribute to internal problems as well. If  your posture is slumped or otherwise distorted, your overall musculature  will become compressed and contracted. In addition to causing you  physical pain, the poor postural habits put excess pressure on internal  organs and restrict the space around them, thereby making them work  harder and less efficiently. Such systems as respiration, digestion, and  elimination are adversely affected by poor posture and muscle strain.  These vital functions are supported through an improvement in overall  posture. Alexander theorized and demonstrated that alleviating such problems  requires correcting the misalignment and distorted movement habits.  The Alexander Technique focuses on promoting optimal alignment of the head, neck, spine, and torso by examining and correcting the  relationships between these critical parts of the body. In a state of  optimal alignment, the head releases up and the neck and spine  lengthen. The alignment of the head, neck, and spine manifests as good  posture.

Misusing your body

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