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The Alexander Technique is an educational process. It is a form of  mind-body re-education based on the premise that positive changes  in alignment and breathing can lead to positive life changes. The  goal of this process is to help you use your body better. Proper use  of the body facilitates ease and freedom of movement, lengthens the  spine, supports your head on your neck without strain, and promotes  coordination in the performance of everyday activities. Improper use  of the body results in strained muscles and feeling stressed and  fatigued. Through the Alexander Technique, many singers and other  performers have learned to make their bodies move in such a way  as to achieve their goals. Even if you are not a performer, learning  how to use your body more effectively can relieve muscle tension,  improve your posture, boost your self-confidence, and enhance your  vitality. You can learn to do tasks as varied as working at a  computer, lifting young children, or talking in front of a group with  greater ease and less muscle strain.

The Thinking

Person’s Solution to

Pain and Stress

Relieve and prevent pain Reduce strain and muscular tension Prevent injury Manage stress Improve posture, balance, & coordination Increase range of motion Gain access to a greater supply of energy
Alexander Technique
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